• High Tension4:12
  • Can't Turn Back Now2:01
  • And I Love You.mp33:57
  • Green Eyes3:05
  • Makin Love2:24
  • The Nightwatchman5:15
  • Shoreline Inn3:26
  • We're Making Love3:29
  • Its not Mine3:31
  • Sunny Day6:03
  • Sleep Aw Man7:40
  • Hold Me a Little Longer3:53
  • Lets Me Down.mp34:09

KingSevenMusic Presents 


What a long strange series of clicks to get here.                                    Come binge listen

Artist: Solve4X

​​Project: X Minus


Hello My name is Rian Bradley and I am a songwriter.
And I have assembled a virtual band called Solve4X. To perform my original music.This album was recorded from around the world via the wonder of the internet. By studio musicians in separate parts of the world.
Who have never met. Playing in a “Virtual Collaboration”. 

  • Island Paradise Mix 1.mp33:25
  • Love In The Rear View Mirror Mix 1.mp34:17
  • Never As Bad Mix 1.mp33:11
  • She Me Too Mix 1.mp33:11