Artist: Solve4X

KingSevenMusic Presents 

​​Album: X Minus


Hello my name is Rian Bradley. Welcome to KingsevenMusic, my little corner of cyber space.
From here I share my original music with cyber space.

Which seems as lonely a place as outer space.

 Anyhow I have a small home studio where I record a little. But mostly I write edit and produce there. I produce projects with different writers and musician. And put the best of the projects together as the Artist Solve4X.
 A band of great session musicians playing virtually. Not knowing each other and from different parts of the world.  

 Everybody just does their part as I move the song along the production chain. Playing in a virtual collaboration everyone is happy. The musicians get paid and I get my music performed by a band. So long as things continue to work out. I hope to continue making music. Having a great retirement doing so..

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  • Moment To Share.mp33:54
  • She Me 2.mp33:07
  • High Tension4:12
  • And I Love You.mp33:58
  • Never As Bad.mp33:18
  • Green Eyes.mp33:05
  • Can't Turn Back Now2:01
  • Love In The Rearview Mirror .mp34:16
  • The Nightwatchman5:15
  • Empty House.mp32:50
  • Lets Me Down.mp34:04
  • It's Not Mine.mp33:32