KingSevenMusic Presents 

Artist: Solve4X

​​Album: X Minus

Hello. Welcome to KingsevenMusic my name is Rian Bradley. I am a songwriter who like every other songwriter wants to hear their music performed by a band.  So I have put together a project of outstanding session musicians to perform my songs. Not knowing each other, and from different parts of the world.  Playing in a virtual collaboration. Please enjoy and share.

  • She Me 2.mp33:07
  • Blue Song.mp33:24
  • And I Love You.mp33:58
  • Makin Love2:24
  • Nothing Comes Easy.mp32:58
  • Hold Me a Little Longer3:53
  • Moment To Share.mp33:54
  • The Nightwatchman5:15
  • Empty House.mp32:50
  • Lets Me Down.mp34:04
  • Never As Bad.mp33:18
  • It's Not Mine.mp33:32
  • Can't Turn Back Now2:01